Should You Carry a Stun Device When You Walk Your Dog?

Posted by Jeffrey Miovech on 24th Jun 2014

Should You Carry a Stun Device When You Walk Your Dog?

Dog Attack

If you have a large dog, you might think your dog is all you need for security. Think again. What if your dog is the victim of an attack by another dog? What do you do as your four-legged family member is being mauled? If you are carrying a stun gun or stun baton, you have your answer in hand. 

A stun gun/stun baton is the perfect self-defense tool to have while you are walking your dog. First of all, if you are walking your dog at night, you probably are carrying a flashlight to help you see and be seen. Most stun devices have a LED flashlight built in so that you don't have to carry a flashlight any more and you have the benefit of the stun function! A stun gun/stun baton is an effective and humane way to ward off potential dog attacks. Typically, just test-firing your stun device is enough to make the attacking dog tuck tail and run, however should it continue its aggressive act, zapping it with your stun device WILL make it stop and run away. You have caused no permanent harm to the aggressive animal and you taught it to respect a stun device in the process. That animal will probably never bother you again.

You might be saying to yourself, "Self, this sounds like a good sales pitch, but meh." Fair enough, read what one of our customers, Cindy Jordan, from Virginia had to tell us about an experience she had while walking her Labrador friend, Gracie:

"Last year I was walking my Labrador, Gracie, when a Pitt Bull broke out from a wooden privacy fence and came charging at us. I was ready with my mini-stun baton in standby mode. We live at the beach, and Gracie has her 'off-leash' permit but was on a leash at the time. The Pitt Bull was trying to get Gracie by attacking her neck. So, I fired the stun baton in the air to try to scare off the attacking dog. The Pitt Bull kept trying to get Gracie so I used the stun baton on the Pitt Bull. After stunning the attacking dog, its owner and several of his neighbors came running out telling me they were going to call the police because I stunned his dog. I told him to go ahead. I walked away. I wasn't afraid of the police, mind you, but I left to get away from the owner. Moments later, four police cars came from all directions. One of the police officers got on the bull horn and said, 'place the weapon on the hood and back away.' I laid the stun baton on the hood of the car and put my hands up and said, 'plllllleeeease don't shoot me.' One of the other cops said, 'hey, man, I know this woman and she has a very well-managed, obedient dog. And, her dog even has an off-leash permit.' So, they listened to my side of the story and I was told to continue to carry my stun device and use it when necessary. So there is a perfect example of if I had not had that stun baton....Gracie would have been killed."

Now you think having a stun device during your daily walks is a good idea? Awesome, the next question would be: what should I buy? Look no further than our handy-dandy Stun Gun Buyer's Guide! It will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and if you're still left with questions, then by all means contact us!

Do you have a story where your stun device or pepper spray saved yourself or a loved one? Would you like to share it with us? Send us an email to with your story and let us know if you'd like us to publish it in a future Newsletter. Thank you very much and Be Safe!!!