About Us

MiWray Global Marketing LLC Founders: Jeffrey Miovech and Jody Wray

Our Mission: iSpyDefense strives to be a premier resource of products for self-defense, security, and peace of mind.

Brief History

MiWray Global Marketing was formed on March 21, 2013 by former US Naval Officer, Jeffrey Miovech and Accounting Office Manager, Jody Wray. The company first started selling stun guns on eBay. A few weeks later, MiWray Global Marketing started listing stun guns, stun batons, counterfeit currency detectors and spy products on Amazon. In June 2013, the iSpyDefense.com website launched into cyberspace. After achieving PowerSeller status on eBay in July 2013, MiWray Global Marketing LLC was created. Success continued, and MiWray Global Marketing LLC earned eBay'sTop Rated Seller status in August 2013. Monthly sales were gaining momentum, closing out 2013 by reaching a peak of $40,000 in the month of December alone. We celebrated our first year of business in March 2014 with total sales of $216,000. For a birthday present, iSpyDefense.com received cyber-plastic surgery, unveiling a sleeker, more enjoyable Customer experience. In March 2021, iSpyDefense.com was merged into J & J Holding Co. LLC.  Let us know what you think!