USB-DVR with 4GB (DVRA8)

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Product Overview

The USB-DVR is disguised as an ordinary flash drive. It functions not only as the DVR, but a 4 GB flash drive as well. It has the capability of recording video at a resolution of 720 x 480 and still images at 5 MP. Video can be recorded by using the motion detection feature or by recording continuously. It includes 4 GB of built-in memory and is expandable to 16 GB by using a microSD card (not included). Working time is approximately 45 minutes and charging time is approximately 4 hours. After recording, simply plug the device into any computer running Windows or Mac OS X. It loads just like a regular USB flash drive and allows you to easily access your videos and other files.


  • 4GB Memory, expandable to 16GB
  • Works on Windows or Mac OS X.
  • The USB-DVR will be recharged every time it is plugged into a computer.


  • USB-DVR with 4GB
  • Instruction Manual

**Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to check all State, Local and Federal Laws governing the use of video Spy (hidden) cameras (with or without audio) before ordering and/or using hidden or covert video and/or audio surveillance equipment. In most states, hidden video surveillance is legal, as long as it is not done in an area where reasonable privacy is expected. These areas include, but are not limited to: bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing rooms. In most states video surveillance does not require the consent of parties involved. However, in some states, the use of audio recording or surveillance requires the consent of all parties involved. There are also various Federal and State Laws regulating the use, and possession, of some types of audio surveillance equipment. We recommend that you check all State, Local and Federal Laws regarding the use of video Spy (hidden) cameras with or without audio.

Warranty Information

90 Days