MiWray Global Marketing LLC Honors Dads and Grads with 15% Off Coupon Code

Posted by Jeffrey Miovech on 8th Jun 2014

MiWray Global Marketing LLC Honors Dads and Grads with 15% Off Coupon Code

Dads & Grads Save 15% at iSpyDefense.com

Use Coupon Code: DADGRAD15 to SAVE 15% off of your order at iSpyDefense.com until 6/20/2014!


Let's face it: he helped bring you into the world, or if not biologically, he helped mold you into the person you are today; I'm speaking of your Dad. Honor your Dad this Father's Day with something other than the proverbial tie--give him a means to protect himself and the rest of your family--a stun gun, stun baton, pepper spray, spy DVR, or fake camera may just be the tool to put a smile on his face or a tear in his proud eye...


You brought them into the world, or you watched them grow up into the adult that fills your heart with pride and joy. Now, as they enter the "waiting world," protect them from afar by arming them with non-lethal tools for self-defense. Give your graduate a stun gun, stun baton, or pepper spray and let them know that you can still love and protect them even as they leave the nurturing nest of home.

MiWray Global Marketing LLC honors Dads & Grads by giving iSpyDefense.com customers the option to save 15% off of their orders by using coupon code: DADGRAD15 at checkout. Act quickly, this coupon code expires 6/20/2014. Show your loved ones you care about their personal safety!

Be Safe!

Jeffrey Miovech
MiWray Global Marketing LLC

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