Back to School Time

Posted by Jeffrey Miovech on 9th Aug 2014

Back to School Time

20% Off Streetwise Personal/Door Alarm with Light

The summer is more than half-way over and even though I've been out of school for 20+ years, I still cringe and get an empty pit in my stomach whenever a "Back to School" commercial airs on TV. Chalk it up to years of conditioning that causes the anxious feelings when those commercials come on, but as an internet retailer, I can understand their importance. So, I'm putting on my Big Boy pants and with joy in my voice, I'm announcing Back to School Specials at! Over the course of the next few weeks, we will feature one (or possibly more) products that could be vitally important to your loved one as he or she returns to school. Whether you have a child that needs to defend himself from a school bully or a daughter that needs to teach a vocabulary lesson to her date, has self-defense products to suit their needs. Come check us out and invest in more than just their education!

This week's Back to School Special is 20% off Streetwise Personal/Door Alarm with Light (SWPDAL). This is a great little device that offers a piercing alarm and light. Click for more information and to order.

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So whether you are heading back to school or sending your loved ones back, enjoy the rest of the summer with your family. Take care and be safe!

Jeffrey Miovech
MiWray Global Marketing LLC